Lorlin Impact Dataspec Windows 7/8/10® System Upgrades & Optimization

The Lorlin® Upgrade to Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-BIT with a USB 2.0 Tester Communications Interface

The Lorlin Test Systems Impact Testing Software Upgrade Version 7+® operates under Windows 7/8/10® 64-BIT with a USB 2.0 tester interface is available for Impact and Dataspec Testers.

The new software & hardware upgrade allows existing Lorlin customers to extend the life of their older slower systems and exhibits faster, more reliable accurate testing and network configuration introducing USB technology.

This new product architecture is designed using a programmable embedded system-on-chip integrating an MCU core technology enabling Lorlin Test Systems to expand the new product development to include dynamic testing and other upgrade enhancements.

Included in the upgrade package are two next generation communication boards:

  • Main chassis communication interface board incorporating a USB 2.0 interface.
  • Secondary plug-in control interface board module.
  • Lorlin Impact Testing Software version 7+ for Windows 7/8/10® 64-BIT
  • USB interface cable.
  • Optional pre-configured computer with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer. 
  • Optional on-site installation available.

New and existing Lorlin Test systems can now run the most powerful semiconductor component test software available in the world today with a PC, Laptop or Tablet. Check with Lorlin® for test system requirements, availability and quotations. Pricing for the upgrade is $8,500, one week Delivery A.R.O. Lorlin offers a $1,000 credit if you send your old Computer, National Instrument card, cables and Lorlin system communication boards as a trade-in.


Additional Capabilities:

With the new upgrade package, new capabilities can be added and all future planned dynamic testing will be possible. 

The new capabilities include the new OTS-20K junction capacitance test station that will test CISS, COSS, CRSS on FETs, CIO and COB on Bipolars, and CT on Diodes.

Other Items that will be released to work with this upgrade are:

Switching Time Tests, SOA Testing, Thermal Resistance Testing, h-Parameters, Gate Charge and many more.: