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Lorlin Test Systems® manufactures and distributes discrete semiconductor component test systems that run under an Intel® based Windows 10®  64-BIT Operating System with a USB 2.0 tester interface. Through years of dedicated engineering excellence, proven designs, and achievements, Lorlin® is proud to maintain the leading cutting edge technology offered in our products. Lorlin's dynamic and encompassing solutions are tailored to customers specific needs and requirements for virtually any test application.

Proven superior analog and digital electronics engineering designs for over 50 years utilizing advanced circuitry and technology is why Lorlin products are so desired by engineers.  Our visions of the research and development needed to meet the demands of today were realized years ago. 

Smooth, flawless and flowing engineering design excellence have yielded success, complete customer satisfaction and overwhelming confidence in Lorlins equipment performance. Our test concepts have been developed in an environment of creative flux and intuition with achievements unsurpassed.

Our flexibility and creativity enable us to fulfill your application desires and targeted test and manufacturing goals while staying within your budget. The parametric testing equipment is used to test, evaluate and analyze the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices in component testing and semiconductor manufacturing applications such as production and final test, wafer probe and wafer mapping, QC & QA test, incoming inspection, engineering evaluation and characterization, high reliability, and high volume testing.  


Lorlin®'s power semiconductor test systems can test, analyze and evaluate numerous devices and components including  bipolar transistors (BJT), field effect transistors (FET), insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR), Triacs,  diodes, zeners, bridge rectifiers, and  Opto-coupled devices.   

Lorlin® can configure the test system to suite your particular application with voltages up to 2000 volts and currents up to 400 amps with standard products or higher with customized designs. Lorlin® is well known for FET and IGBT testing capabilities including Lorlin's® ultra low leakage testing in the Pico and Femto amp regions. The semiconductor systems can be configured in any combination for up to five test stations in manual, prober or handler test modes. 

Lorlin Test Systems®, after 50 years in business with over 3000 system installations world-wide, is acknowledged for supplying repeatable, accurate, stable and reliable semiconductor testing equipment. Lorlin® also prides itself on the customer support that is provided to the semiconductor industry as Lorlin® is one of the few ATE manufactures that still supports equipment sold 30 to 40 years ago. Lorlin® is very flexible and works closely with each customer to offer the best test solutions and services at affordable prices.  High performance, reliability, quality and low cost test solutions have made Lorlin an industry leader in semiconductor component test.  Engineering Excellence, Innovation, Creativity and Advanced Technology is why Lorlin products are the most specified testers in this industry.  Billions of parts have be tested and classified with 100% confidence.



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