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Lorlin Test Systems, Inc. occupies a 10,000 SQ FT manufacturing/engineering facility located in Long Island, N.Y. with sales/support offices in Boston, M.A.      Lorlin™ has been selling testers since 1964 and highly regarded as the  world experts  in the science and specialized technology of advanced testing.

The Lorlin™ product line of high performance semiconductor component testing equipment provides the best quality at affordable prices and  is designed to test small signal and power semiconductor components in single,  multi-device and Hybrid packages. The  high reliability automatic Lorlin Test System, can be used in all test applications including, Transistors, Darlington's, Diodes, Mosfets,  Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, IGBTs, SCRs, Triacs, and Opto-Coupled Devices, with  reliable, accurate, and repeatable results.                          

Lorlin offers the most affordable small signal and power semiconductor test solutions on the market today with capabilities that excel above and beyond any competitor with  Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability, and Functionality.  We measure, screen, test, grade, analyze, characterize and sort the critical parameters of semiconductors devices including Leakage Current, Breakdown Voltage, Gain, Saturation Voltages, Etc. and offer a comprehensive test parameter library with an easy to use Windows based applications software. Our device library contains 1000's of the most common devices and can easily be edited for similar parts. Engineering excellence, innovation, creativity and cutting edge Technology has made Lorlin equipment well known for testing discrete components. Lorlin gives you the best price and superior performance.


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Lorlin™ XP-8500  Test System

                         System Features

  • 2000 Volts Standard Product

  • Higher Voltage Options Available

  • 200 to 500 Amps Standard Product 

  • Higher Current Options Available

  • 3 Station Capability Standard

  • Expandable to 5 Test Stations per System                                                

  • Manual & Automatic Operator Test Stations

  • Handler & Prober Test Station Interfaces

  • Customized Engineered Fixturing Solutions                                           

  • Extensive Device Test Parameter Library

  • Custom Component Test Programming Services

  • Windows XP© Lorlin ™ PC Applications Software©

  • Fast and Accurate

  • Hybrid, Array and Scanner Test Station Options

  • The Most Powerful Software in the Industry



The Lorlin Small Signal and Power Semiconductor Component Test Systems

        XP-8500                  Impact 7BT                    Double Impact                    Rebuilt Testers

Lorlin™ offers power semiconductor testers for up to 2000 Volts  and 500 Amps as Standard Products


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