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50 Years of Business - Over 3000 Systems

Lorlin® manufactures high performance discrete semiconductor test systems offering the highest quality standards, test capability, ease of use, and flexibility at reasonable prices with both new and factory reconditioned testers available.  The semiconductor component testers are designed to accurately verify and check the critical parameters of small signal and power semiconductor devices.  The library of parametric tests include breakdown voltages, leakage currents, gain, saturation voltages, RDSon, GFS, on-state, off-state, dynamic capacitance among many others.  The devices tested can be in a single, array, or hybrid, such as TO-3, TO-220, SOT-23, TO-18/92, DO4/7, SOIC, SMD, DPAK, D2PAK, SOD123 and virtually any other standard or custom part package.

The  high reliability automated semiconductor testers, can be used in all manual and automatic testing applications for IGBTs, FETs, Transistors, Darlington's, Diodes, GaN, Mosfets, JFETs, Power FETs,  Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, IGBT Modules, SCRs, Triacs, Hybrids and Opto-Coupled Devices, ensuring reliable, accurate, and repeatable results. The Lorlin® testers include the most powerful testing software in the industry and operate under a Windows 10® 64-BIT OS with a USB 2.0 tester communications interface for the highest performance, speed and accuracy.  Lorlin is eager to work with customers on their test requirements including customization.


Lorlin Semiconductor Test Systems

Lorlin® offers power semiconductor testers for up to 2000 Volts and 500 Amps as Standard Products, Higher Voltages and Current Capabilities Available.



Lorlin Test Systems, Inc. 

Occupies a 10,000 SQ FT manufacturing/engineering facility located in Long Island, N.Y. with sales/support offices in Boston, M.A. Lorlin™ has been selling testers since 1964 and highly regarded as the world experts in the science and specialized technology of advanced testing.

Lorlin® offers the most affordable small signal and power semiconductor test solutions on the market today with capabilities that excel above and beyond any competitor with Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability, and Functionality. We measure, screen, test, grade, analyze, characterize and sort the critical parameters of semiconductors devices including Leakage Current, Breakdown Voltage, Gain, Saturation Voltages, Etc. and offer a comprehensive test parameter library with an easy to use Windows 7®/8 and 10 64-BIT based applications software. Our device library contains 1000's of the most common devices and can easily be edited for similar parts. Engineering excellence, innovation, creativity and cutting edge Technology has made Lorlin equipment well known for testing discrete components. Lorlin® gives you the best price and superior performance.

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Reconditioned Lorlin® Impact 7BT for Sale   

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           Lorlin Reconditioned Impact 7BT Tester for Sale

  • PC Included wih Windows 10 Testing Software
  • Lorlin® Application Test Solutions
  • Powerful Software Tools
  • Debug Allows Test and Changes by Parameter
  • Accept, Retest, Reject Test Data and Maintain SN
  • Columnar Printout Format by Test Parameter
  • Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Hi-Rel Pre/Post Comparisions
  • Data Conversion to Excel
  • Software Licenses
  • 600 Volts, 20 Amps Standard
  • Expands up to 2KV and 400 Amps
  • Front Panel Manual Test Station
  • Lorlin Certified Factory Reconditioned
  • Extended Check-Out and Burn-In
  • Calibrated with Certificate
  • One Year Warranty Standard
  • SN 4224


  System Features

  • 600-2KV Volts Standard Product
  • Higher Voltage Options Available
  • 20-500 Amps Standard Product 
  • Higher Current Options Available
  • 3 Station Capability Standard
  • Expandable to 5 Test Stations per System
  • Manual & Automatic Operator Test Stations
  • Handler & Prober Test Station Interfaces
  • Customized Engineered Fixturing Solutions
  • Extensive Device Test Parameter Library
  • Custom Component Test Programming Services
  • Windows 10® Lorlin® PC Applications Software
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Hybrid, Array and Scanner Test Station Options
  • The Most Powerful Software in the Industry

 Press Release

Integrated Technology Lab, Inc Aquires Lorlin Test Systems, Inc.

Deer Park, NY – April 8, 2015:  Integrated Technology Lab, Inc announced that it has acquired Lorlin Test Systems, Inc.  The company will share a 10,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing/engineering facility on Long Island, NY with Sales/Support offices in Boston MA and Créteil France.  The financial strength and highly trained personnel of Integrated Technology Lab will enhance Lorlin’s ability to develop new products, as well as improve delivery time and service.  President and CEO stated that Lorlin Test System will now have the resources to better meet the needs of the semiconductor market. Through new innovative technology, Lorlin Test Systems will be introducing new and exciting options for new and existing test systems.

Lorlin Test Systems has been selling testers since 1964 and is highly regarded as the world experts in the science and specialized technology of discrete-semiconductor testing. The Lorlin product line of high performance semiconductor component testing equipment provides the best quality at affordable prices and is designed to test small signal and power semiconductor components in single, multi-device and Hybrid packages. The  highly reliable automatic Lorlin testers can be used for testing many semiconductor device types including, Transistors, Darlingtons, MOSFETs, Diodes, Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, IGBTs, SCRs, Triacs, and Opto-Coupled Devices, with  reliable, accurate, and repeatable results.

Integrated Technology Lab, Inc. was founded with the vision of providing engineering driven solutions and testing services to the Military, Aerospace and Hi-Rel marketplace. Solutions include providing value-added assembly, hybrid and testing services. Integrated technology is a privately held business whose major investments include not only manufacturing capacity, but finished goods inventory for our customers.

Product News

The New Lorlin Test Systems 64-bit Impact Testing Software Version 7 has been designed for  Windows 10 64-BIT with a USB 2.0 tester interface, is now released and available. The New upgrade package allows existing Lorlin customers to extend the life of their older slower systems and exhibits more reliable, accurate testing and network configuration introducing USB technology. Older Impact systems with PC operating under Windows 98 does not requies rewiring for upgrade.

This new product architecture is designed using a programmable embedded system-on-chip integrating an MCU core technology which, will enable Lorlin Test Systems to expand the new product development to include dynamic testing and other upgrade enhancements.Included in the upgrade package are two next generation communication boards:

  • Main chassis communication interface board incorporating a USB 2.0 interface.
  • Secondary plug-in control interface board module.
  • Lorlin ImpactTesting Software version 7+
  • USB 2.0 interface cable.
  • Optional Pre-configured computer with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer.
  • Optional On-Site installation available.

New and existing Lorlin®Test systems can now run the most powerful semiconductor component test software available in the world today with a PC, Laptop or Tablet. Check with Lorlin® for test system requirements, availability and quotations. Pricing for upgrade is $8,500 one week Delivery A.R.O. Lorlin offers a $1,000 credit if you send your old computer system to Lorlin must include Computer with National Instrument card, cables and Lorlin system communication boards.

USB 2.0 Communications Interface for Win 10® Upgrade

System Optimization Op-Amp Direct Plug-In Replacements.  The new op-amps are used in every Lorlin tester and features include self-zeroing, over voltage and current protection, LED status indicator, high accuracy automatic balancing, auto-tuning, higher bandwidth, zero temperature drift, minimal phase shift, faster slew rates and overall superior performance for complete system optimization.  The new Op-Amp replacements reduce system calibration time and yield excellent balanced results on PNP and NPN testing capabilities.  The Op-Amp assemblies replace the five Lorlin PN's 1074(3580J) and 1027 modules and are sold in a package of five  Contact for ordering information. Pricing for a package of 5 is $975, Delivery 1-2 Weeks

System Power Supply Capacitor Replacement Modules. Lorlin is now offering new high performance power supply capacitor replacement modules for the (2) 15 MFD and the (2) 6 MFD main tester supply capacitors on every system. The new low cost module replacements are a direct plug-in mounted on a printed circuit board and improve system stability, accuracy, and operation. The DC filtering capacitor replacements offer lower ripple, improved temperature range, coeffiecient, and tolerance providing longer life characteristics, and increased reliability. Contact for ordering information.

New Lorlin Capacitance Test Station:

Lorlin's new capacitance station performs he standard test parameters with numerous junction capacitance tests.  The tests include bipolar NPN/PNP input and output capacitance,  diode capacitance, FET input, output and transfer capacitance for both N-Channel and  P-Channel enhancement/depletion mode devices. 

Contact Lorlin for more details: or call 631-392-1385




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