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Test, Sort, Screen, Grade, Classify, Evaluate, Measure, Analyze, Characterize Small Signal and Power Semiconductors

The AMC Lorlin™  product line  is designed to test small signal and power semiconductor components in both single and  multi-device packages or hybrids..   The automatic test systems can be used in all test applications including incoming inspection, wafer probe, QC, engineering, production, final test, and high reliability.  The system tests most all discrete semiconductors with  reliable, accurate, and repeatable results.   

Customers can test components in bulk or large quantities of unknown part numbers and sort them by the highest valued or desired parts of the day by using our unique sorting classifying and priority order part number software yielding the most profitable results for distributors and manufacturers.

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Lorlin XP-8500 Test System

  • 2000 Volts

  • 200 Amps

  • 3 Station Capability

  • Handler & Prober Interfaces

  • Windows XP© PC Applications Software

  • Fast and Accurate

  • Hybrid, Array Station Options

  • Higher Current Options Available

XP-8500 Information

AMC Lorlin manufacturers New and Rebuilt Discrete Component Semiconductor Test Systems for Transistors, Diodes, Zeners, Fets, IGBTs, SCRs, Triacs, Optos, Small Signal and Power Semiconductors.   We measure, screen, test,  analyze, characterize and sort the critical parameters of semiconductors devices including Leakage Current, Breakdown Voltage, Gain, Saturation Voltages, and offer a comprehensive test parameter library with an easy to use Windows based applications software.   Our device library covers 1000's of the most common devices and can easily be edited for similar parts. Engineering excellence, innovation, creativity and cutting edge technology has made Lorlin equipment well known for testing discrete components.    



AMC Lorlin offers the most affordable small signal and power semiconductor test solutions on the market with capabilities that excel above and beyond any competitor.  Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability, Functionality.  Lorlin gives you the best price and superior performance.

AMC's  Lorlin Small Signal and Power Semiconductor Discrete Tester Systems


         XP-8500                  Impact 7BT                    Double Impact                    Rebuilt Testers

Lorlin offers power semiconductor testers for up to 2000 Volts  and 500 Amps


7BT Tester PDF Brochure     

Double Impact Tester PDF Brochure

Low Leakage Measurement Information PDF


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AMC Technology - Lorlin XP-700 Hardware and Software Upgrade

Pre-Release Discounts

AMC's Lorlin product line is offering Windows XP-700 Software and Hardware Upgrade Pre-Release Pricing for 1/2 Price or Free if you purchase one of the two Support Programs listed below. 
The AMC Lorlin XP-700 Applications PC Windows Upgrade Package for Impact and Dataspec Systems is currently going through a complete factory test, inspection and quality control checkpoints in addition to the burn-in testing of a large number of small signal and power semiconductors to ensure the Lorlin XP-700 Windows Software and Hardware Upgrade Package works properly and meets specifications as designed.  The XP-700 is planned to be released in 2013.
The List Price for the XP-700 Software and Hardware Upgrade Package for customers that already have a PC from Lorlin Test Systems on their system is $14,900 without the purchase of a Support Program.
The Pre-Release XP-700 Discounted Prices with the purchase of a Support Program prior to Sepyember 1st will be as follows:
The AMC Support Program Offers and Includes: 

Contact or Send in your Orders to 

If you wish to use PayPal, or wire transfer, let us know and we will send you the invoice with the information.

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Lorlin has been selling testers since 1964 and highly regarded as the  world experts  in the science and specialized technology of advanced testing, measurement, analysis and characterization of discrete semiconductor component devices.  Our  technology and capabilities are advanced as a result of years of engineering excellence, innovation,  and creativity.


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AMC and the  Lorlin product line of high performance semiconductor component testing equipment provides the best quality at affordable prices.  Lorlin semiconductor device testers are used in all component test applications including incoming inspection, quality control, engineering, wafer probe, and production final test.  Lorlin has supplied semiconductor test equipment for over 40 years.   A historic test system leader with Reliable, Accurate, and Repeatable results.

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