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Parametric Measurements of Leakage Current, Breakdown Voltage, Gain, Saturation Voltage, On-State, Off-State, AC , Impedance, Transconductance, Capacitance

Test, Measure, Analyze, Characterize, Sort, Classify. Screen, Grade Devices

Transistors, Diodes, IGBTs, Hybrids, FETs, Jfets, Zeners, IGBTs, SCRs, Triacs, Optos

Counterfeit Device Detection


The Double Impact Discrete Component Tester is designed to test small signal and power semiconductor components in both single and  multi-device packages or hybrids..   The automatic test system can be used in all test applications including incoming inspection, wafer probe, QC, engineering, production, final test, and high reliability.  The system tests most all discrete semiconductors with reliable, accurate, and repeatable results. 












  • 600 to 2000 Volts Standard

  • Higher Voltages Available

  • 20 to 500 Amps

  • Higher Currents Available

  • 1 to 5 Test Stations

  • Manual or Handler/Prober Interfaces

  • Powerful PC Applications Software Package

  • Hybrid and Array Stations

  • Statistical Analysis 

  • High Reliability Software

  • Custom Test Fixture Service

  • Extensive Test Parameter Library

  • Device Test Programming Services Available

  • Free Technical Support

Breakdown Voltages, Leakage Currents, Saturation Voltages, On-State, Off-State, Gain, HFE, DC, AC and Dynamic Test Parameters

Over 50 years of engineering excellence, innovation, creativity and advanced technology is what made Lorlin testers so popular in the industry.  Proven out test designs, repeatability, stability, accuracy are among the many reasons so many test engineers specify Lorlin.  The Double Impact tester is just one of the results of years of  dedication to research and development.  There is no other tester more reliable and is known as the industry workhorse for testing discrete components.  Both new and factory reconditioned units are available with the same warranty, specifications and licensed software.  The Impact systems have tested billions of parts throughout the world and remain the number one source for testing small signal and power semiconductor components.


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Lorlin Test Systems® manufactures and distributes semiconductor component test systems. Through years of dedicated engineering excellence, proven designs, and achievements, Lorlin is proud to maintain the leading cutting edge technology offered in our products. Lorlin's dynamic and encompassing solutions are tailored to customers specific needs and requirements for virtually any test application.

Proven superior and advanced analog and digital electronics engineering designs for over 40 years utilizing advanced circuitry and technology is why Lorlin products are so desired by engineers.  Our visions of the research and development needed to meet the demands of today were realized years ago. 

Smooth, flawless and flowing engineering design excellence have yielded success, complete customer satisfaction and overwhelming confidence in Lorlins equipment performance. Our test concepts have been developed in an environment of creative flux and intuition with achievements unsurpassed.

Our flexibility and creativity enable us to fulfill your application desires and targeted test and manufacturing goals while staying within your budget. The parametric testing equipment is used to test, evaluate and analyze the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices in component testing and semiconductor manufacturing applications such as production and final test, wafer probe and wafer mapping, QC & QA test, incoming inspection, engineering evaluation and characterization, high reliability, and high volume testing.  


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